Geological data

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There are various types of geological data. There are trying to figure out how the world was before, what the earth looks like, looked like and what it will look like in the future.

It costs between 30 and 80 million dollars to drill one drill.

There are lots of types of geological data. Outcrops – analogics, Rock pieces – core,  Thin sections and wireline logs.

Wireline logs are logs than can be created by drilling. Then you look at for instance radiation, pressure etc.

Then the core of the rocks will be examined in order to see how much oil is inside the area.  By looking at the core, they get alot of information to describe the depositional model.

To create theese depositional models they look at the fields.

Outcrop analogs are analogs created based on the area visible on the land. This area have been underneath the water previously and will give some information on how it looked before.